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2019 Mercedes X350d Review

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Reviews for the more powerful V6 X Class are starting to come out. This will be the go to model for anyone who needs a truck that's towing capable and its already been noted to be a more refined driving experience. Does suffer from some squatting and handling issues when under a heavy load.
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I know this truck was built upon the Navara, but its odd that they didn't use a new product launch to showcase their new MBUX system. I think the 350d does a better job justifying its price tag than the 250d though, with more separating it from its Nissan donor.
Its going to be a struggle for Mercedes to move these if my assumptions are right, only after a mid production cycle refresh with more Benz DNA might they do better.
They do seem to have been constrained by the platform that the X Class is built upon, but I'm sure that will change in future model years. They obviously just wanted to get it to market quickly and not spend a fortune in R&D doing so.
The X-Class as we know it was built just to test the waters. However with a new Nissan Frontier coming out and Nissan gearing up to stay competitive I have a feeling its platform might also underpin a future X-Class. Not a problem for me as long as its every bit as capable as a Benz truck needs to be.
Most Mercedes buyers wont take an interest in a repackaged/rebadged Nissan, especially with the cost difference between the two. Sales would have to justify an entirely new platform, which I'm sure is why its only been released in select markets.
Not exactly true.
Once it looks, performs and feels the part, most people are sold. Branding is powerful and just being a Mercedes is enough to get people in the door. North America is seeing a pickup boom, with that comes a segment of buyers that want something from Benz.
The Mercedes xr350d is a super mega beast in my opinion. I was always a fan of ford and was always checking for ford sedan models but when I have seen in the city Mercedes x350d and I have fallen in love immediately. Now I am a big fan of Mercedes and especially of diesel versions cause they have a better fuel economy. Next week I am going for a test drive of this model and probably I will buy a used one from Mercedes if the price will be lower. From the youtube videos that I watched I understood that with this car you should be extremely careful as it is big and very powerful.
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