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Hey,guys. many times,we want to buy wheel spacers for our cars, but what should you consider before buying it? Today, I will share 3 importent things must be considered before you buy wheel spacers. Because safety is the most importent thing for you.
1. Safety is our first consideration when we buy wheel spacers. The high quality wheel spacers usually use forged 6061-T6 / 7075-T6 aluminum alloy materials. Grade 12.9 extended wheel bolts&grade T10 wheel lug nuts. It can improve the handing performance and it's more safety for you.
2. Authority certification test: The wheel spacers wether passed the certification test of professional authoritative institutions, such as: TUV, SGS...
3. After-sales service: the best guarantee for consumer is the After-sales service.
It's my own opinion about wheel spacers, if you have any other commments, we can discuss together.
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