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A few niggles

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I bought a 350d about 9 months ago and have noticed a few minor issues - just wondered if they are common ?

Electric seats - every time I get into my truck, I have to adjust the recline back up quite a bit. It’s as if the recline has dropped several inches overnight. Just a bit annoying..

Drivers wing mirror - whistles at 40mph +

Drivers electric window - does not go up with 1 touch and often goes up then comes back down and can take 5 or 6 attempts to close sometimes.

Heating/cooling - I set mine at 20c. I never feel 100% comfortable. I have used a pretty accurate damp meter once and the car was showing 25.9c despite the 20c setting.

Auto engine off - at lights, the engine will go off, but after about 30 seconds comes back on. Even with heating off, heated seats off etc to ensure no battery drain, the truck always puts the engine back on.

None of these are major, but I wondered if they are common place ?

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I seem to have the same seat recline issue. More often than not have to upright the seat and give I get in last after the kids in the back it is annoying.
I did read that someone suggested the position of the seat adjust buttons meant they were being knocked when exiting the vehicle. In which case surely you would feel movement when exiting, so whilst plausible, I have my doubts.
I have the same problem (seat recline issue), in general X-class is not so successful, and Mercedes recognized that. Also, I have the problem with heating and window. When I go to the official service they are saying nothing exactly and cannot help me which is annoying. Guys if you are interested in finding strollers for babies, then I can suggest you to check Baby Jogger, to be honest I was very well surprised about the quality and prices. I have recommended it to all my friends and they also was very satisfied.
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