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A real rig?

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New to the forum and new to rugged MB's so this will be interesting.
Right now i'm driving around a 2016 Toyota Tundra and looking for something with a decent level of luxury, clearly that's something Mercedes specializes in.

How rugged of a rig is this X-Class supposed to be?
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Depends on what kind of ruggedness you're looking for. Towing or are you hoping to take it off road?
From the reviews out right now this seems to be just as off-road worthy as an F-150. But keep in mind the amount of reviews out right now are limited so that whole take on off-road performance could be downgraded.

Check out the reviews for yourself and let us know .
If you're looking for something that can handle the odd packed dirt road, than I assume the X-Class should perform fine. But as far as I know, no journalist has driven one yet, only ridden in one.

What kind of off-road capability are you looking for?
Nissan Narava and the X-Class share a similar platform so most of your concern with its off road capability should be directed to the Narava info out right now and there's lots of it. Check out Nissan AU:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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