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Can anyone help?!

I have a 67 plate X250d X Class, with roughly 30k miles on it, warranty expired in November 2020. It recently wouldn't start, so I took it to a local garage who told me one cell of the battery was dead. £200 later I'm sorted. However, the passenger SRS light remained on. I then noticed I was losing oil on my drive. I took it to Mertrux in Derby who have told me the turbo has gone! They have quoted £5k+VAT to replace it! I complained saying that a vehicle this new with this mileage shouldn't need a new turbo, they offered a 25% contribution. This is without a diagnosis or cost for the faulty SRS on the passenger side.

Who can justify such a massive bill on a relatively new vehicle. Has anyone had similar problems, or can anyone offer any guidance on complaining to Mercedes central?

Thanks in advance.

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