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Brabus Tuned X-Class?

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As the title states, do you think Brabus will take on the X-Class and beef it up? Considering it's not going to be sold in NA, I still think it'll be a good idea for them. The X-Class is something that I can imagine would look super aggressive and mean with a Brabus kit on it too.
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I would like to see it happen and not only with cosmetics but also with performance. Given that there's a lot of cross over of parts within Mercedes, it means the odds of us seeing some tunes come out for the X-Class will happen much sooner than other models.

What sort of cosmetic items will you be interested in from Brabus?
Their carbon pieces are just gorgeous. Everything from your exterior diffusers/lower bumper finishes, to the engine covers and lit up door sills.
Volker Mornhinweg, Head of MB Vans division, has confirmed that there are no plans for an AMG version of this so.. that rules that out for anyone that had hopes of waiting on it to come soon after. He did say a new powertrain could be introduced into the X class later on however.
Although we won't see a full on AMG Model what we should see is an AMG trim which is easy to bring to market. Best example are all the other AMG trim examples out currently. E350 AMG as a great example.

I'll be surprised if MB doesn't go that route.

Along with that, introducing an Edition 1 package will do them some good.
An AMG package for the exterior would be really nice. Some bigger AMG 21" wheels, maybe an apron kit?
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