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Carlex Design offering two tuning kits for X-Class

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Carelex Design is targeting 1,998 owners of the X Class with two different tuning kits. Each kit is limited to 999 units. The Off-Road kit starts at $17k and the Urban package will set you back $20k. The Off Road package adds a special vehicle wrap, a new body kit, plastic cladding, extended fenders, winch, roof mounted lights, all terrain tires and a lifted suspension. The Urban package adds a special finish, along with a new body kit, carbon fiber inserts, wheels and a lowered suspension.

Off Road

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Those kits look incredible, although they do come at a pretty steep cost. For the same amount of money you could get a top of line performance pickup, like the Raptor. Though imo that's far removed from a luxury pickup. I cant decide which design I like more.
They're both equally hideous to me, much prefer the refined design from factory though the lifted suspension could prove to be useful when going over some rugged terrain. Otherwise I can't see myself spending money on anything else listed.
They definitely wont be to everyone's liking, as most MB owners don't tend to go too crazy with aftermarket mods. It's a lot of money to dump into a brand new vehicle, and its hard to justify spending half the purchase price on a build you cant customize.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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