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First look at long wheelbase X Class

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An extended wheelbase variant of the X Class will soon be joining the market. It was built as a joint venture between MB and Veth Automotive and it increases the wheelbase by 90mm. This also makes the bed 2.06m long over the current 1.72 in the double cab.
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If sales go well in the Netherlands, I wonder if MB will expand into new markets. Earlier there were reports that the LWB could make its way to the US, but they will probably need to place a petrol engine if that's the case.
Just about anywhere in Europe will be good proving grounds for the X-Class IMO. There's a major shift in what people want to own especially with the rise in SUV's that also stem from it the need for unique versions, one of those being more utility and from that comes pickups.
Given what people are spending on new pickups from Ford, GM, Ram etc at least pricing would be less of an issue for NA. Since the Navara isn't offered there either, there would be less criticism of its shared platform.
With Mercedes its just a matter of how much technology and features they can fit into the X-Class.

Aside from that you'll be hard pressed to find anyone discouraged from buying it.

In fact you might seen long time GM, Toyota and Nissan pickup buyers start shopping here.
I love that coverage of the LWB X-Class is online. Only concern is if it'll come to the U.S.

Anyone know?

Now, the longer-bed X-Class has been spied again, this time with no disguise on its bodywork. Furthermore, the additional segment that extends the bed is highlighted in a different color for everyone to see. While a long bed is always a good idea when it comes to pickups, the question is where is Mercedes-Benz going to sell it? The current version of the X-Class is already long enough for European markets, so an even longer one might be a bit of a stretch, pun intended. What if Mercedes-Benz finally decided to bring the X-Class over to the United States, though? It would certainly make sense to offer it with an extended bed and a more powerful engine. Just don't get fooled by the badging on the prototype. While the fenders feature V6 turbo badges, the tailgate says "X 250 d," which is the designation for the 190 PS (187 hp) 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel.
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Its a good move to ensure sales. A longer bed means they can target a wider work truck buyer segment and not see the X-Class suffer from a lack of interest.
Its a good move to ensure sales. A longer bed means they can target a wider work truck buyer segment and not see the X-Class suffer from a lack of interest.
Mercedes did well at selling the Sprinter and Metris. I see enough of them around on a weekly basis.
Joining that very soon could bet the X-Class LWB. This article from parkers brings up some good points about the idea and its impact.

Mercedes X-Class LWB with extended load bed spied testing
  • Long-wheelbase (LWB) Mercedes X-Class spotted winter testing
  • Spy photos show extended load area, same double cab body
  • UPDATE: extra-long X-Class is not an official Mercedes product
Mercedes X-Class LWB prototype Enlarge10 photos Main image caption Mercedes X-Class LWB prototype
The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is the poshest pickup truck on sale - but available only in passenger-friendly double cab body style, it's not the most practical. These latest spy shots suggest Mercedes is keen to tackle this issue with a new long-wheelbase (LWB) model.

However, all is not entirely as it seems. This extended X-Class, caught winter testing by spy photographers from our sister title CAR magazine, is apparently not an official Mercedes-Benz development vehicle, but in fact a solution from a third-party bodybuilder that the German manufacturer is testing to ensure it meets its rigorous standards.

How has this Mercedes X-Class been extended?
We have to say, these spy shots gave us quite the chuckle. To create the extra load space, it seems the bodybuilder's engineers have quite literally cut an X-Class in half and added a bit in the middle, in the obvious place just behind the passenger cab.

Mercedes X-Class prototype with extended load bed - side view, winter testing in snow

In fact, it would appear that two X-Classes have fallen victim to the process, as the front half is not only a different colour, it proudly sports the V6 Turbo badges of an X 350 d model, while the tailgate on the load bed has the X 250 d markings from a four-cylinder version.

As you can see, the whole load area has been shifted backwards, and an additional section added between it and the cab.

Mercedes X-Class prototype with extended load bed - rear view, winter testing in snow

What's perhaps less obvious is that in order to do this, the bodybuilder must have also lengthened the chassis structure underneath, otherwise the rear wheels would no longer fit into the arches.

This means it literally has a longer wheelbase than the standard X-Class.

For full details of the standard X-Class exterior and load area dimensions, see our dedicated Mercedes X-Class Dimensions page.

Why would any one want a LWB X-Class?
That's a little unclear at this stage - except that it would, obviously, increase the load space available to X-Class buyers.

Mercedes X-Class prototype with extended load bed - front view, winter testing in snow

Mercedes is certainly adamant that this is not part of a plan to target the US market (where the X-Class currently isn't sold, due in part to being too small versus traditional American pickup trucks such as the bestselling Ford F-150).

But such a vehicle could add further appeal in pickup-heavy markets such as Australia, South Africa and Latin America.

Alternatively, the use of a conventional pickup load area - albeit an adapted one - might just be a convenient way of testing the extended chassis.

One thing is likely, however: while the LWB model might provide extra load length, it is also likely to have a reduced maximum payload due to the additional weight of the extra bodywork.

When will the Mercedes X-Class LWB go on sale?
At the moment it's not clear if it ever will. But we now believe this is a little more than an idle engineering exercise, as Mercedes has also confirmed this V6 model is the second prototype of its kind, as an early version powered by a four-cylinder engine was in testing last year

If any more details come our way, we'll be sure to pass them on. But for now this is all Mercedes is prepared to say on the subject, as it has an official policy of not coimmenting on projects done in collaboration with its bodybuilder partners.
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Those commercial vehicle segments were underserved which gave Mercedes a major upper hand. Prior to that were vehicles like the Chevrolet Savana and Ford Econoline. Today more options from GM and Ford that rival the Metris are out but not as attractive. Picksup are a while different ball game. I just don't know how well Mercedes can sell these as work vehicles.
Mercedes vans are awful rust buckets so they'd better not ally the X class to the van sector.
@pcuk yeah tell me about it. I've seen a lot of them rusted out in areas rendering the vehicle pointless to repair.
However getting rust proofing done helps and worked very well for many I know. Its what the dealer doesn't tell you.
Finding a good rust proofing shop can be a challenge as rust proofing practices can vary from one shop to another. Some are VERY shady and do terrible work.
I gave up looking for a good rustproofing shop. I was looking for it for a long time but nothing. During this time I thought that I have to buy a new car 'cause my old one was out. The only thing that I was able to do was to scrap my car. I found on the internet such services and I thought that it will be better to forget about it and not to have more headaches. Now I'm still looking for a new car, but it is really hard to find one and it is harder to use the buses. Honestly, I spend not so much time in traffic but having a car is more comfortable. Anyway, do you have some ideas?
Hi there to be honest I never knew that this car even existed until I saw a wrecked one at where a friend of mine worked. can't say that I particularly liked the car but it certainly caught my attention. You know that feeling when you are interested in a particular car and you start seeing it more often on the roads. When time came to scrap my old Ford Raptor I decided that a X-Class would be a worthy substitute. I went to the nearest Mercedes dealership and got it.
Well, this car looks good. I'm thinking of buying a similar one for my wife, as she loves such bodies. we recently got married and i want to give her some kind of gift in honor of it. I think a new car would be a great option. In one of the wedding photos, which were taken by a great service that deals with wedding photos, which we ordered for our wedding, my wife noticed a Mercedes x class. Judging by her look, she liked this car very much, as she looked at it for several minutes. Her whole family drives something like this, so I'm not surprised that she also likes big cars. I hope she likes my gift!
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