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Fuel Tank Capacity

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Hi Folks,

Can I ask how many litres of fuel you manage to get into the tank when you get the final red warning of low fuel . I've got a 350 model and am only managing to get 50 litres into the tank when the warnings suggest I'm on vapours.


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Hi, I don't think this is surprising since my 250d does something similar. When, as you describe, the warning comes on and the gauge shows empty, the onboard computer says I have a remaining range of almost 200 km, suggesting about 20 litres left in the tank. I assume your tank is the same capacity. This would be a handy feature in this country where it can be a long way between refills in some parts.
Thanks for you reply. My trip computer doesn't even say that. It runs down to less that 35 miles then just goes red as the remaining mileage is too low for it to calculate. Mercedes have been bamboozled. They even changed the fuel tank and sensor to try and fix it and sent one of their techs to fill it up in case I was fuelling it incorrectly! they agree it shouldn't do it, but are lost as to how it can be fixed. I think it's a software issue but cant prove it.
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