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Genuine bull and nudge bars

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I am contemplating fitting a bull bar for the odd Pilbara road trip and added safety. There is the question whether these accessories will drop in price like the canopy. I have been by a Merc licensed repairer that they are made under license locally in Australia to order so unlikely to be stock sitting around needing incentives to move on.

It seems the genuine nudge bars are far pricier than aftermarket whilst the bull bars are only slightly dearer but look far better than the few aftermarket options I have come across. The downside of the bull bar is it covers the only differentiating feature of the Power from the Progressive - the chrome lower air dam surround.

Has anyone fitted a genuine bull bar and can shed some light on its aesthetics up close and how snug it fits to the body.

I have never owned a car with a nudge bar and have always thought they are only good for people who can't park without hitting something or SUV's parading as off-road vehicles. The genuine Merc one does look attractive and I guess provide some protection.

Has anyone fitted a genuine nudge bar and can provide some feedback.
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Can't help with your query but that first bar is right out of Mad Max!
Genuine Bull Bar fitted pricing

Had a quote of $4,800AUD fitted for the genuine bull bar...ouch!
Not sure if you had luck, but there are a few out by MCC now. I installed mine myself.
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