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Has anyone ever tried fitting navara side steps to xclass?

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Bit of a strange question i know. However here is the reason i ask.

I'm looking at off road side steps (i like the look more).

There are a type of off road side steps that i can only find for navara 2016+ (I know there are loads of specific xclass steps however im after this one style i want my truck to look a little different). While watching the fitting videos it occured to me that the fittings (the bolts used under the truck and their location) seem identical between the xclass and the navara. I know although built around the same platform there are some small dimension differences between the navara and xclass.

However Its not too much of a stretch to think i might be able to actually just buy the navara steps and fit them to the xclass. Im tempted to try.

Has anyone ever attempted this?
Is there any president?
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Hey buddy, did you ever attempt to fit the Navara side steps on the Merc x class?

Did it work?

Please whatsapp me on +2760 970 3745

I'm in south africa

Thanks a lot man

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Yes, some people have tried fitting Navara's side steps to the X-Class. However, it is important to note that the two vehicles have different dimensions, so the side steps may not fit perfectly and may require modification or customization to fit properly. It is recommended to consult with a professional mechanic or body shop before attempting any modifications to ensure proper installation and safety. if any quries
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