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How About A G-Class Pickup?

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Mercedes-Benz already produces pick-ups, the only reason you probably don't know about it is because it's not available in North America.

Torquey diesel engines, four wheel drive systems available, reinforced, not that many modern electronics however, not much of an interior either lol.

V6 3.0L producing 181 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque (look at the size of it)

Towing capacity of 4,872lbs, maximum recommended payload of 4,596lbs.

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Funny you post this because it's probably cheaper for someone to import one and deploy a part of what they save from not having to buy an X-Class into parts for this G. The only problem is trying to import it.
I tried looking for them for sale but unfortunately wasn't able to come up with anything. I'm sure the shipping would be up there, but I'm not even sure if we can import them in general
this might be a case of having to contact an importer
and since Mercedes has been building these for a while, if your willing to go as old as 25 years then you should be in the clear but some people are able to import vehicles newer than that.
If someone was interested in one, it'll definitely be the best way indeed to contact an importer.

For me unfortunately, not worth the time to inquiry on it as I wouldn't really want one lol. Way too rugged and out of date for my interest :) As much as I would love to see one and potentially play around with it, I can't see myself owning one at all.
X-Class is it then.

As much as I like these my concerns are with parts. Much easier knowing that parts for the X-Class will either be in stock at a local dealer within a short drive or at some local warehouse than something ordered from Germany.
Ordering parts from Germany, where I am at least, can take 14 days or longer. If it's something crucial, oh boy would I be upset. I hate being without a vehicle especially because it's just waiting for parts. If it's being worked on, no problem, but not sitting idle.
Lucky for you when it comes to the X-Class we won't have to wait that long for parts since car makers these days are always trying to make parts more universal between models. So something for the X-Class might work on a GLC and GLE.
Yea that definitely makes sense. It's so much more efficient. The GLC and GLE have been selling well so you know the parts are going to be available with no issue thankfully. But there must be a good amount of parts that will be exclusive to the X-Class though... can you think of anything that would be ?
Aside from any of the typical obvious things that are always specific to every vehicle, its tough to tell because anything to do with its underpinnings requires actually see it or knowing what a certain platform is missing.

All I care is that anything to do with regular and high mileage maintenance is diluted enough in price.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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