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How is the X-Class selling in Europe

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Just found this infographic that gives us a look at how the new X Class is selling in the UK. It looks like X-Class has managed around 2,600 sales so far, or some 4.5% of the segment. It's highest market shares are in Germany, where it made up 13% of the segment, but it also fared relatively well in Croatia (11%) and Denmark (9,3%).
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That's better than I expected since the X-Class is targeted at a niche market compared to what Fit and Renault has to offer.
I'm a little surprised that there has been this much interest in the 250d, considering the more powerful 6 cylinder model that's coming. Suppose that means there have been quite a few people waiting on a proper luxury ute from MB. Still going to be tough for them to take any market share from the Ranger.
It would be great if we got to see global sales stats because I bet the Tacoma would right up there with the best. Lucky for Mercedes, the furthest Lexus has gone with anything close to a pick up are the GX and LX SUV's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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