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Heard the X-Class won't make it to NA, where I am located, but nonetheless, I still want to expand my knowledge on it. Like the route their going and there's no saying it's impossible that it won't make it down here. I'm currently not even looking for anything to buy either, just really interested in it. Own a 01 E55 at the moment and it serves me pretty well, also have a Civic that I use for commuting and what not.
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You're probably like much of us that are on here at the moment. I'm also from North America and unfortunately we will not be getting the X-Class but.. can have hopes that it will make it here one day. What about the X-Class do you like?
Just that it's essentially the first luxury pickup truck that looks great. It's different from the regular F series and Rams that you see and it's sure to stand out
If the Americas don't get an X-Class do you think something similar enough in the form of an SUV will be on your list? Like maybe the GLC?
Possibly, gonna go take a spin to the dealership and take the GLC out and see what it's like. Haven't even gotten the time to go and test drive much recently.

Did you have hopes of buying a X-Class ?
I think there's supposed to be a new GLC being debuted at the New York Auto Show this time around? I think the GLC 63 if I'm not mistaken. That would be nice to check out
Just seen photos of it and darn.. the interior on the GLC 63 S is absolutely gorgeous. Huge slab of carbon fiber for a center console. Gorgeous diamond stitching throughout, holy moly.
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