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Maybe we'll get the X-Class...

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and if we (Americans) do I might just get it, but there's a lot of information out there suggesting every market but North America will come 2017, if not I might hold onto my 2006 Lincoln Mark LT for a little longer since i'm still not sure what else to get.
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Hm.. do you need a new vehicle ? If it doesn't come in 2017 I won't mind too much but hopefully eventually it will make it's way down to NA. I think it'll do great down here anyhow though considering how much NA loves pickups
I have no burning need for a new vehicle, you don't shop for something like this out of a need, it's a want, we have options.

"eventually" is the problem because that doesn't say when, it's just staring into the abyss and hoping. My point is, for a successful launch Mercedes might find it viable to launch in other markets to let the product establish itself and then move on to the big hitter... America.

Then we have to factor in what a Trump Administration might do to MB's ability to supply these.
Using the term need loosely. Right now as it is, all we can do is stare into the abyss, they've already said they're going to launch in other markets first and they may not even bring it to NA because they claimed it wasn't big enough to compete.
Well with a car maker as big as MB, they have the money to risk pushing this into NA at the right time, so that's one way to look into it. After all look at all the models they have, probably the most out of all the luxury car makers out there... odds are they risked more than most were willing just to come out on top as the industry leader in luxury.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but how long would you be willing to wait?
Well, Hyundai is thinking of coming out with the Santa Cruze, actually last I heard it was a done deal but it's just a matter of time. If Mercedes is still unsure by then, potential NA buyers would probably go for that instead.
The Santa Cruz is another looking into the abyss type of deal. There is no information out there at all and the dates keep changing.
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