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Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 Pickup Rendered

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We're all waiting for Mercedes to unveil their new production-spec X-Class pickup truck which is expected to go into production late this year. But until then, we have this rendering of what an AMG GLC 63 pickup truck could looks like, to tie us over.

The AMG GLC 63 debuted about a week ago and there's already a rendering of it as a pickup. It comes in both SUV and coups forms, but the artist decided to take a crack at transforming the coupe's curved roofline into something that looks both sophisticated and practical.

X-Tomi is the man behind this creation and autoevolution notes that "he has this uncanny way of making pickup renderings where the roof is still curved." Of course, we'll never see any production pickup trucks with bodywork like that, but it is an interesting design choice from someone who is well known in the car rendering industry.

This isn't the first time X-Tomi has turned a Mercedes Benz into a pickup since he has previously done so with the CLA 45 as a base and it won't be the last. Let us know what you think of the rendering.
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Okay that actually does look pretty darn cool in my opinion. Usually I'm not fond of these renderings as I think they look foolish but this was good. Nice, low slung, sleek looking... it really hits the spot.
I just find it odd how sloped the roof is towards the end and there's no way to fit rear passengers there. But as a rendering, the GLC 63 pickup does look okay, just not my cup of tea.
Looks ugly, what someone needs to do is render the GLC coupe as an SUT, similar to the Hummer SUT. Now that would actually look good and odds are some people will be running to MB asking them to make it.
I personally think I would actually be interested in getting one of these. Love the AMG GLC 63 as it is and now in pickup form, that's pretty good looking.
I really can't see much wrong with this and I really wouldn't mind if they came out with that. Especially because it's based off of the 63, that would be a pretty insane pickup. Anyone have photos of the CLA 45 X-Tomi did?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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