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Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept Wheels

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I think this is the first time I actually really like the Concept wheels of a vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class concepts that were unveiled at the shows actually had very fitting wheels on them. The sport looked great, spokey but not over done and a bit concave. Really gives it a luxurious but sport look to it.

The adventurer definitely had fitting wheels with those crazy knobbie tires and deep-dished concave, fat 6 spoked wheels.

Would you mind these sets of wheels on your X-Class of choice or do you think that they should change them up and come out with something else for an oem set?

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Right now my dream set of wheels for the X-Class are the set found on the 4x4 squared. On a real truck like the X-Class they will look amazing. I don't even need a rendering to know the end look. For anyone that doesn't know how they look:

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