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Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Release Skips The US

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Mercedes-Benz finally unveiled their new X-Class pickup truck in concept form last month and it'll be available in Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia, but not the United States.

At the 2016 Los Angeles auto show, Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Dietmar Exler told Automotive News that "Once the next version of the truck comes out -- when we see the next iteration -- there might be an opportunity to bring it in the medium and the long-term."

So North America may still get the X-Class pickup in the future, just not the upcoming iteration of it. Mercedes will keep an eye on the pickup's global sales and the U.S. market to see if selling the X-Class pickup there will make sense.

"That's exactly what we're taking a look at," Exler said. "We want to bring it when we believe it makes sense as Mercedes to bring out the pickup truck."

We're expecting to see the X-Class pickup's production model debut before it goes on sale early next year. After that, it could be a four year wait before the pickup makes its way to U.S. showroom floors because that's typically how long Mercedes waits before refreshing a model.

By then, the U.S. market could shift from wanting overpowered Rams and loaded F-150s to luxurious models like the Mercedes-Benz X-Class.
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It's basically Mercedes wanting to take the tried and true route which is to launch in markets with the least resistance, where its not nearly as competitive and easier to stand out. Starting off in a market where your launch will be less than acceptable is not what you need with a new product.
In short, this move is Mercedes saying "we're managing our risk and launching in a market that will ensure an easier launch, America is too competitive, SORRY!"

When you look at the American truck market compared to others this starts to become clearer but of course they will not say it, just in a tacit way.
The US market embraces the power of the Rams and F150s. The big 3 essentially completely hold down the NA market when it comes to pickup trucks and it's extremely evident. The smartest thing for them to do is try build some momentum in the other markets first before just dropping into the NA market and "hoping for the best". But even if they do that, I don't see them breaking any sales records in NA.
Truck sales are phenomenal in America. In the top 10 most vehicles sold category, number 1 is the F150 series, number 2 is the Silverado, and number 3 is the Ram lol. Competition is ruthless for when MB is going to decide to come over here.
In another interview with Autoblog, apparently Mercedes is now claiming that the X-Class just isn't going to be big enough to compete in the US market. I think that's some nonsense, we have different scales of pickup trucks.

Mercedes Has A New Reason NOT To Sell The X-Class In The US
I just take that as their way to make a point to have no commitment to the US market, no commitment, no expectations, no pressure. It's just how the game is played. Easier to say that now and then bring it to market down the road rather than make promises and take forever or back out.
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