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Mercedes X-Class Called A Disappointment By BMW Exec

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Harsh words from Hendrik von Kunheim, BMW's senior vice president of the Asian and South African markets, though fans of the Mercedes X-Class could chalk it up to the rivalry between these two German brands.

Speaking to Motoring at the ongoing Frankfurt motor show, Kunheim called the luxury pickup an "appalling" vehicle and he was unimpressed by it. He also claims that journalists from around the world feels the same as it wasn't built to the standards they've come to expect from Mercedes, calling it cheap and plasticky.

"When you look now at our German competitor from Stuttgart I think that product (X-Class) is appalling. You would have expected something more serious. I saw that car (X-Class) in Geneva and was actually disappointed. Very disappointed. They can do better, they build fantastic cars, but this one was a disappointment," said von Kunheim.

But even though the X-Class is hit with such harsh criticism, von Kunheim thinks a BMW ute is a good idea. Something to fill the luxury pickup truck niche and BMW designers may already be working on it, at least that's what his phone case hints at with a rendering of a BMW pick-up.

"I believe our company could play a crucial role to fulfill that particular niche, but it's a question of time when this will actually happen." The wait could be a long one even though BMW already has a digital image of what their pickup could look like.
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I'm not sure what BMW was expecting; all leather cabin? There's only so much Mercedes can do and they don't really have a precedence for a model like the X-Class. Actually looks great to me, though I'd like to see one in real life first.
I wouldn't mind an interior material layout that follows the GLE close enough because that would benefit both them and us. Plus the new Toyota Tundra does something similar. Better to not let the Japanese look better here.

GLE for reference:
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