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Mercedes X-Class Concept Pictures

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Following the reveal back in October 2016 Mercedes released a massive gallery of X-Class Concept pictures and here's just some of them i pulled showing most of what you need to see.

Fortunately MB didn't go crazy futuristic on us since here we have what seems not far off from what's typically production-like.

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It's supposed to be based off of the Navara NP300 from Nissan, but the X-class looks more muscular especially the off road variant.
Really don't like the tail on either of those but the interior, definitely can't complain about that. Throw in some weather techs and everything will be perfect.
rear of the yellow/gold one looks great to me, practical from a cost stand point on MB's end and different enough for the truck market. If there's anything a car company wants from design these days its to really stand out
different is one thing. But it looks completely unlike anything MB. You don't buy a Mercedes when you want to be practical and cost friendly. Buy a Chevy for that.
Some more pictures of the interior for the Green adventurer. Dash mounted travel water bottle?

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probably the weirdest thing i've seen in a concept but in the production model the best we can expect from that area is storage that can fit a bottle, just nothing specifically for a bottle, so in other words just like most MB's we've seen thus far.
I can see where they were going with it trying to do a play-on with the adventuring theme but... it was pretty weird. But you're right, it'll probably just be a storage compartment which will come in handy, can never go wrong with more storage opposed to them just leaving a blank trim panel. This maximizes the space.
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