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Mercedes X-Class UK Prices Revealed

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Also known as the first ever pickup to come from a premium automotive manufacturer, Mercedes UK has just announced pricing details for the new X-Class pickup truck. An entry-level model will only set you back £27,310 and they're slated to appear on UK showroom floors in January.

At launch the X-Class will be offered in three trims: entry-level Pure, mid-level Progressive and the range topping Power. Each provide something different depending on your needs be it a standard hauler, something with a more premium feel or a trim geared towards the city dweller. Though no matter which trim is chosen, each will only come in doublecab configuration with 4Matic selectable all-wheel drive as standard.

Initially, two engines will be available with a V6-powered X350d 4Matic joining the lineup in mid-2018. Before then customers can choose between two differently tuned versions of the Nissan derived 2.3-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, a 163hp X220d 4Matic or a 190hp X250d 4Matic model. Fore manual gearbox fans, the option is available for the X220d in Pure or Progressive trim levels and every trim level of the X250d.

Though the higher trims do come with more features, CarScoops claims an entry-level X-Class will still come with a surprising amount of standard gear including Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Sign recognition, rear-view camera, semi-automatic air-conditioning and more.

Not bad for £27,310 or you can go for range-topping X250d 4Matic in Power trim for £34,100.

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£27,310 for an X-Class is actually more affordable than expected, especially when the badge is taken into account. At most you'll spend £34,100 though I don't see many tempting features in the Power trim. Oddly enough, I couldn't find any mention of the X-Class in their UK site.
What?? I can't believe that we're gonna see X-Class starting from £27,310, it's around $36,000. That's just hillarious, I thought that X-class is going to be another super expensive and unreachable model, but $36,000 is a good price for this car.
£27,310 is about $37,000 USD! That's the price I expected to see from Mercedes. It's not too high, it's not cheap, it's just right, especially if you look at the same segment cars such as Nissan Navara (Starting from $25,990).
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