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Never thought id see the day

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Hey guys,

New forum member here, and I cant believe its for a Mercedes Benz pickup. I've long wondered who would be the first to deliver a premium pickup and the X Class is looking to deliver. Its not surprising considering the growing popularity of the pickup sector. This may be one of the first pickups that doesn't feel like a work truck. Excited to learn more!
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I'd never thought Mercedes would release a pickup, at least not in my lifetime. But the auto industry is changing and even Alfa Romeo came out with their own SUV. Everyone is starting to branch out from what they're comfortable with and for that I'm grateful, because without this leap, we wouldn't have the X-Class.
I always seen this happening at some point since they already sell trucks overseas and they sell well. Often what sells well overseas has a chance on American soil.
Whats interesting in since Mercedes has debuted the X-Class, we've been hearing rumours that BMW wants to make a pickup as well. Hopefully Mercedes has opened the doors for more manufacturers to get into the luxury pickup market.
Too bad that it seems BMW doesn't have a platform ideal for that purpose unless i'm under estimating the X5's platform it could be on. If i'm right then it could mean that much like Mercedes, BMW will have to partner up with a brand like Nissan. Toyota would be great for that partnership.
It looks like Mercedes is partnering up with Nissan to bring a performance Navara to market, to rival to the new Ranger Raptor. And I think that you’re right in regards to BMW needing a partnership to really bring a proper competitor to market.
I love seeing all these partnerships happening because if it wasn't for that we wouldn't be seeing a lot of vehicles come to market.

Just heard that Lotus plans to partner up with Volvo for an SUV. Who knows, maybe down the road we could be seeing an SUT from them.
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