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new 350d

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Hi, newbie to the forum

Had my new truck for a month and 1500miles, so far so good, previous truck was a series5 L200 and the xclass is in a totally different league, no rattles and most thing work well.

Done a variety for driving from mud plugging in a farm yard to long motorway driving and a bit towing and it coped really well. Not had it in the same positions as the L200 and am unlikely too, due the cost of the thing so wont be exploring it's off road capabilities just yet.
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Do you see yourself doing a tune in the future to possibly get more power/torque that'll help your towing and work related needs?

Happy to have a new owner here, welcome. I bet that build quality and fit and finish over your previous Mitsubishi is a nice step up. Were you looking at anything else before buying your X Class?
Thanks for the welcome and yes it's a very nice upgrade
I tried most truck available and my thoughts were
Hilux - Nice Truck but way to slow
Ranger - Great looking truck inside and out but the engines were no good, 2.2 too slow and the 3.2 I thought was rough
Navara - 2 many associates have them and wanted something different
L200 SVP - Same as last one but with extra coloured plastic bits for quite a price hike

That left the Amarok or the Xclass . it was a close thing but 1 went for the Xclass because of the additional safety equipment and the interior just feels more modern. It also looks better !

oh and the 'Mercedes me' app was a bonus even if it doesn't do as much as the merc cars
I love what Toyota offers but the lack of luxury appeal is killing me. Having reliability and luxury like what's offered with Lexus is what i'm after.
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