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New member from the UK

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Hello all. Just joined the forum as I came across it while browsing the web looking at X Class images.

I am one of the 600 people in the United Kingdom who have a pre-launch reserve on an X Class, and I am waiting for further details. I attended a Mercedes commercial vehicle 'experience' day yesterday, and info is still hard to get, MB are keeping things tightly under wraps at present. They did confirm that the UK official launch will be November 2017, and I would like to think I will get some more information before that time so I can get a vehicle in production for delivery toward the end of the year.

Whatever info I get, I will keep you posted!
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Welcome to the forums!

Glad to have a member from the UK that can give us some more insight on what's going on. I'm from NA so as you can imagine, our future with the X-Class is really dull.
Hopefully they give out some information since right now we're no more informed than we were 6 months ago, its sad. The only difference is that now we have a better idea of how it will look, even that doesn't do much for me.
Congrats on getting a deposit? What does the experience day entail if you don't even see the X-Class prototype?
Welcome. When you put the deposit down, did they tell you anything at all in regards to it? Also interested to hear about your vehicle experience day.
Doesn't seem like this guy is going to respond.

But he gave us an important point that this was in the UK. Maybe this means at a UK event with public access and information made public we'll hear/see something. late 3rd quarter and 4th quarter of the year is big for this stuff.
Tried searching social media and didn't really find anything at all. Nonetheless, I'm sure more UK members will join the forums and we'll be able to pester them for information too.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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