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New X2 color packages

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A dealership in Germany has announced they will be offering special wraps for the X-Class that will be available in more than 100 different colors. Should you choose you can also have your windows tinted and you can ever recolor the badges, handles and other trim pieces. They will start from €4,165.²-package-brings-pink-teal-100-color-wraps/
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Anyone getting one of these colors and not getting the bedcover is doing themselves a disservice.

The only exception if you're actually using the bed to move motorcycles, or whatever it may be that requires an open bed.

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Sometimes body wraps are more because entire panels are removed to get in everywhere paint would so when the job's done you can't tell the difference.
Most shops openly advertise what sorts of service they provide and the extent of what they do along with photos so weeding them out is quite easy.
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