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No Single-Cab X-Class

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Volker Mornhinweg has confirmed that there will not be a single cab option for the Mercedes X-Class. But a serious workhorse variation with plastic floors is a very big possibility. Also mentioned in another thread, the thought of an AMG variant is not there either.

"We won't go for single-cab at this time, because this is a very, very low-priced market, which only fits those workhorse-style vehicles, and that's not an area that we need to worry about with X-Class"

"However, we have some private customers and fleet buyers in the premium side of the ute segment that would also like to have a more robust version of the X-Class, with plastic-style floor, like the one we have in the Vito."

Mercedes-Benz says ?No? X-Class single cab, and ?No? to AMG version
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Just what I expected to happen. Only way I can see any 2 door truck happen from MB its something based on the G-Class and that's if anything happens.

But coming back to what the X-Class is meant to do, it comes right back into appealing to potential SUV owners or current SUV owners looking for the next step.
Now that I'm really looking at it, I think it would look pretty darn weird in a single cab option as well either way
Just come back from Geneva Motor show its unbelievably stunning it will without doubt make the other manufacturers sit up and take notice 2 years ago i bought a isuzu Dmax and was told then that they where going down the same road as the Range Rover that started out as a farmers upmarket farmers car and look where it is today i can not wait for mine to be delivered
Even the G-wagon I think would look fairly odd in a 2 door situation. This person did a conversion and it looks pretty spot on.

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They did make a convertible version of the G-Class 2 door a while ago and that looks weird but at the same time rather unique, still, nothing nearly as attractive as the 4 door. With a design as big and bulky as this, a longer wheelbase is the way to go:

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I agree with you. That convertible one is unique, but feels like some sort of Beverly Hills feminine SUV. It's weird and I really don't like it at all.
If that was pink, it would remind me of the barbie doll kids wagon thing my niece had a little while ago haha.
I agree with you. That convertible one is unique, but feels like some sort of Beverly Hills feminine SUV. It's weird and I really don't like it at all.
Well those are the sort of markets it appeals to, wealthy areas in warmer climates that are close to water. Dubai being another one and other wealthy cities in the Middle East, even places in Europe like London.

Rarely you'll see them up north, someone I know recalls a spotting in Toronto.
In Toronto you'll always see some anomalies of really high end vehicles and what not or really unusual things but not regularly. At least I don't. But you're right, it'll be a swing in Dubai. That's where you'll find the Laundaulet owners and what not
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