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Owned Any Other Pickups?

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Just a quick general, car lounge sort of topic. But has anyone ever actually owned a pickup truck at all? I haven't...

To be honest, I probably won't even use the bed too often, and most definitely not for work. I just want the availability and having "driven" a few pickups before, I just love the feel.

Alright, I'm getting side tracked. Long story short, I haven't owned a pickup truck before. Have you?
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I owned probably one of the first light trucks to hit the US market, a Mazda B3000. Those were lots of fun and did all the light-truck duties you would expect. Never needed anything more and the same stands true here. To be honest, I just want an SUV alternative especially as we're losing the battle of body on frame SUV's. :(
I've only owned one light pickup trucks and that was a Chevy S10. Wasn't anything special at all but it was a manual which was pretty fun. I also didn't really use it for it's "pickup" capabilities as I rarely had anything in the bed unless I had to help someone move. Essentially more people got use out of the bed of MY pickup than I did myself.
Manual pickup trucks especially from back then were absolutely tons of fun. I remember there was a guy in my neighborhood with a purple chevy pickup on air ride and he had some sort of metal thing attached to the two side panels, so whenever he was driving, he would air down and sparks would fly everywhere.
Those were some great light duty trucks, its too bad that these days anything from those older trucks are found in different vehicles and no longer in the same package. Closest it gets is the UTE's sold in Australia. Right above that are Tacoma's and Canyons.
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