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Recent Mercedes-Benz Recalls

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Just going to post this thread here with a generalized title so we can keep track of the more recent recalls for Mercedes-Benz in general. A lot of guys on here will probably have other MB products as well, and some of these could have potentially been in the X-Class as well, but considering it's still in testing phase, we won't know about it and it'll be rectified by production and delivery time.

From what I found so far,

Faulty airbags are still an issue. Recently as of yesterday actually (02/06/17) MB has put out a recall on the C200 and E220d for faulty steering wheel airbags. Nine models in total with a number of 1,069 units have been affected by this
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Germans will never get past this but lucky for MB they have exterior/interior design on point, enough to make someone look past these recalls and just buy! If this recalls keep up are you going to be discouraged from buying at some point?
It'll take a bit more than that to discourage me as if there's a recall out, it just means that they found a problem and they're fixing it. Makes me feel more comfortable actually as there's one less potentially issue to worry about.

Recalls don't really phase me too much and so far there hasn't been any injuries or anyone harmed so all is well. They aren't really big issues either and could be a lot worse but they look like quick fixes which is the best thing. I would hate to buy something and then have to have the car off of the road and in for repairs for weeks on end due to back order or it just being a big job.
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