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Reoccurring Flat Battery

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Hi all
2019 x class 350 d bought new in Australia . Only done 25000 km now . Flat battery 5 times within first 2 years. No lights etc left on .Mercedes dealer after much badgering replaced the battery whilst it was under warranty ( despite telling me not covered by warranty ) . 3 months after new battery installed , flat again . Now the r hand indicator light flashes fast intermittently . Upon reflection , with the first battery , when it was drained , the tachometer and interior lights would randomly come on , then it would go totally flat . The last road side service man said “ it s not recognising your key either , it’s an electrical fault “.
Back to dealer who said “ not warranty - we don’t do warranties on warranties “ referring to the 3 month old battery . I said it s not the battery and said you will be doing this under warranty .
Final obstruction . Dealer said provide the evidence you called road side assist for the car during the warranty period . Called mercedes roadside assist . They said we don’t give out that information . Back to dealer . Told them that . Look on their faces was that they knew it . I told them to arrange to get that information . They did not bother .
It s now sitting with Mercedes whilst I drive a loan car .
One more thing happened . Sitting in their office waiting for a report on the electrics . Nobody wanting to talk to me . Told me manager was on his way .
They had crashed my Ute into a pole damaging a panel .
The car is jinxed.
The web reveals batteries discharging are a work wide Mercedes issue .

Any body else having electrical issues ?
Thank you
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I have a 2018 (manufacture date), first registered late 2019 x250d also in Australia. Your problems sound similar to my experience several months ago. I had not had any problems with the battery going flat, but I have always kept my battery on a charger since I don't use the vehicle every day. Then I bought a bluetooth battery monitor and noticed that the battery state of charge was not good (voltage sometimes just under 12v and the monitor indicating 'low charge'). So I took it to my local MB dealer/service and they agreed that the battery was faulty and gave me a brand new one under the new car warranty, so that was good (surprised). I had noticed that the old battery labels showed that it was Spanish manufacture, so I suspected that the battery had been in the vehicle since new but had not been properly maintained while in storage before being put on the road. The new (Australian manufactured) battery gave higher readings initially but fairly soon showed voltages close to 12.0v, which is a concern, but so far I have not had any problems with it going flat, the engine starts OK and the monitor shows that the alternator is doing its job.

My other car (8 year old Holden Commodore) still has its original battery and its monitor shows that it is still going strong.

So I suspect that there is something not quite right with the electrical system in the xClass.

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Thank you. Lots of developments confirming poor Mercedes after service since last posting. Mercedes dealer kept the ute two weeks. All of the following is in emails. Told me "extensive testing no fault detected. Please take your ute". I asked what they did. Told "cleaned the dirty terminals (I expressed surprise as it was with them 3 months prior for a new battery and no mention of dirty terminals ), checked and recharged the TWO batteries ( I expressed surprise at it only has one battery), and did a program upgrade ( which I responded was to the tuning system and nothing to do with the battery draining or the indicator flashing or not recognising my key)". The service lady expressed concerns to me that my questions were causing her distress. I cced the service manager and salesman into all emails and they did not respond at all. Mercedes dealer advised if I had a problem again to call Roadside Assist ( I responded that was their previous advice). I asked what happens if I'm camping . Told by Mercedes to look it up on the Roadside Assist site. I asked them to check . They refused. Looked it up myself. Roadside Assist will not go to locations not designed for 2W/D.
Spoke to Consumer Affairs who advised to have RAA check it after I got it back. They found multiple electrical faults within 5 mins. Draining 4 amps 30 mins after motor switched off.
Be interesting what dealer states next when I send them the diagnostic testing I had to pay for.
Mercedes USA have a class action pending for these exact same issues. Interesting reading. I cut and pasted the link to the dealer as the link advised the multiple potential causes of the current drain . Dealer did not respond to that link.

My state govt advisory service on warranty has given me a plan which will ultimately be asking for a complete refund as the 4 w/d ute is not fit for purpose.

Final poor service. Car was covered in dirt and road grime from sitting in their lot. I had it professionally cleaned 2 days before dropping it at Mercedes. It could not of been in their work shop very long given the road grim. Service lady looked surprised when I said the car was dirty. Had to ask for it to be cleaned.

Stay tuned.
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