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Reservations are Open for the Mercedes X-Class

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It appears the time has come already for the reservation books to open up. The X-Class will be revealed later this year with the first orders to be delivered in 2018.

We have yet to see the production models of the X-Class but if you're an eager beaver, you can now leave a £1,000 refundable deposit.

This will be a first come first serve operation and the UK deliveries will be dealt with first, accordingly.
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Well that's earlier than expected, most of the time you can't really put in a deposit at least until the production model has debuted. Wondering if this is Mercedes' way of gauging interest to see how many X-Class models they should produce and where to allocate them.
The outcome and progress of their reservations will definitely aid on their production rate, valuable information. Especially because it's a refundable deposit, people won't feel any risk and if their open to the idea of getting one, they'll drop the deposit no problem.
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