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Sim Racing Buyers Guide

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Does anyone here play driving simulator racing games like Forza on console or PC?

I'm new to racing games of this sort and was curious to know what everyone's experience is like on the many options and configurations available to us. All input is welcome, whether you have an entry-level setup or spent thousands to build the ultimate simulator.

I think its best to keep this open to all budgets when discussing the following: steering wheels, pedals, brands (ex. Logitech), platforms/consoles (ex. PC, Playstation, XBOX), thrustmaster, sim racing rigs/cockpits, seats, gaming chairs, build or buy, what to look out for when buying or building, space requirements, screens/monitor setups, virtual reality, etc.
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Forza is awesome, but you know racing games, they might be cool at the beginning, but after playing 8 or 10 hours, it starts to annoy you, because nothing is changing, the mechanics remains the same, the story is also unchanged, the only new things you see, are new cars that may be awesome, but still. In my opinion it is more interesting to ride your horse took on dungeon leveling wow. Well, at least that is my point of view. Try it by yourself, I am sure you'll love world of warcraft.
I like everything about video games, even reading articles about them. Pretty often people sustain that playing video games is harmful, and useless, but I would disagree. Playing video-games, you can become more attentively and more concentrated. Of course, I do not mean that it is good to play video-games all day, but at the same time, I see nothing wrong with playing video-games one or two hours per day. Now I prefer epic games, that raise my adrenaline and help me forget about the daily routine which is completely boring. Also, I try to play only those games where it's possible to buy rocket league items, as this way, the game becomes more interesting
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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