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Some insider info - engine, partial specs, pricing

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This will vary according to each different market, but at least for one country in south america, this will be the X-Class lineup:

- Basic model:
USD 33.000
Very limited amenities - focused as a "work truck"
Nissan/Renault sourced engine (YS23), 2.3 liters, single turbo, 160 hp, 400Nm

- Intermediate model:
USD 41.000
A significant upgrade in equipment and amenities versus the basic model, sorry, I have no specifics
Nissan/Renault sourced engine (YS23 "high power"), 2.3 liters, twin turbo, 190hp, 450Nm

- High end model:
USD 54.000
Mercedes engine and gearbox lifted straight from GLE 350D: V6 3.0 liters, 258hp, 620Nm

As we already know, it will be based on the Nissan Navara with multilink rear suspension.
First deliveries expected by Jan/2018.
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Where did this info come up on? I haven't seen anything new at all in terms of information on this.
Reliable source inside the company.
Okay nice, at least we know it isn't just a random speculation for publicity from some automotive site or whatever. Starting at $33k is a fairly high number for the mid-size pickup class.
No speculation at all. I know what you mean.
Comparing prices in different markets is tricky. Those prices would be pretty close to its competition in the local market - about 5% higher than a similarly equipped VW Amarok, and around 15% higher than Toyota Hilux. So I believe it will be quite competitive, if the product delivers what they´re promising.
Ahh yes, I wasn't thinking different market, thank you for that. Thankfully, this is essentially the first "Luxury mid-sized pickup" so they definitely can do very well even at a higher price range. When you look at what you're getting, the value is there and that's what people look at. If it's worth the price tag, it's a good price tag.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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