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Speaker Upgrades

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Just thought I'd show you all a new speaker kit I did today, I was asked by a customer to build a 100% plug and play speaker upgrade kit so he has no warranty problems.
I researched the X class and it's very rare to find any technical data, even Mercedes were clueless lol.
Anyway we got the truck in and we had the oem tweeter connectors, the door collars and plugs so today we sound deadened the 4 doors and completed the complete speaker upgrade.

The speakers we used are from the brand Audiofrog as they have oem fitment options for mercedes.

If we were to do another one I'd say it's a 3 hour job.

Any questions you're welcome to ask.


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Nice upgrade. Are you planning to get any sound proofing done? I often find that automakers don't include enough unless its an S-Class!
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What improvements did you get in replacement? Better quality, volume???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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