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Storm Edition available to UK buyers for Black Friday

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Mercedes will be releasing a limited amount of Storm Edition X 250d 4MATIC trucks in the UK, as part of their Black Friday offers. It includes some enhances specs and unique standard kit. Those interested will be able to get an exclusive two hour off road driving experience in three different UK locations next Month, as well as an option to extend their test drive for a 48 hour period.

The new Storm Edition builds on the already high-spec Power trim, which features the following as standard: black leather upholstery, Comand Online infotainment, roof rails, LED headlights, parking package with 360° camera and 19-inch bi-colour alloy wheels.

The Storm Edition X-Class will be available to order on Black Friday (and beyond), starting from £449 ($577) per month plus advance rental on Contract Hire. The automaker's upcoming Black Friday offer in the UK also includes a Vito Sport with the Sport Styling Pack (chrome side bars and front grille, unique grey branded decals), worth £500 ($642).
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This to me suggests that sales are not what MB has anticipated. Probably doesn't help that they've decided to keep it restricted to Europe for the time being. Two day tests drives are something I'd like to see adopted on a larger scale. Does it actually come with those lightning decals?
I agree that the details are a bit tacky, especially on what's supposed to be a premium luxury truck. Haven't been able to determine whether or not this is indeed on this variant or if it was just photoshopped for marketing purposes.
Mercedes needs to get involved with fleets, even if it means giving them away for free on lease. Right now they need exposure and free fleets have proved to be effective.
It's a first generation model, so there are probably people waiting on cheaper secondhand models. I also think the fact that the X Class has borrowed so much equipment from the Navara has actually worked against it.
That has me wondering what depreciation will be like. Its a Mercedes but a different Mercedes that competes in a segment with and endless amount of buyers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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