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Tailgate locking

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Hi all
I have a new 350, has keyless entry, however to open the tailgate you have to use the emergency key, surely this can’t be right!:
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I have read that the tailgate needs to be locked/unlocked manually even with keyless entry. I agree its ridiculous but there are already some aftermarket locking systems available online. This kit from Eagle 1 will work with the factory fob.
Many thanks, don’t really want on the central locking, just want a normal key
Sorted a key, had one cut from a Nissan blank
Sadly these are the pitfalls of buying a product built to test the market rather than to make an impact but hopefully a mid-cycle refresh becomes more MB-like.
central locking on touring canopy

The MB website states that the sports and touring canopies have central locking or at least states the "Both Mercedes-Benz canopies offer central locking."

I have ordered the touring canopy. Can anyone out there confirm if the central locking is just the side and rear windows, or will address the tail gate issue.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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