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The Mercedes X-Class Was Doomed From The Start

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X-Class sales have been in a slump since launch and this article explains why:

"It really feels like Mercedes half-assed the X-Class from the very beginning. It tried to pass the cabin off as Mercedes like, but there were still a bunch of Nissan plasticy bits here and there. Even the stand-alone debut event was one of the worst in recent memory. Sure, partnering with Nissan meant Mercedes didn't have to spend a small fortune developing a truck, with most of the budget spent on lazily trying to differentiate the X-Class from its affordable roots.

There's some real irony here, though. With the X-Class written off as a complete and utter failure, there are surely some execs sitting around their desks, sipping an espresso, discussing how glad they are they didn't spend all that R&D money on developing a truck. Of course, if Mercedes had done what it does best, and designed something worthy of a Mercedes badge, the X-Class probably would have been a hit. At the very least, Nissan would have sold more than the reported 16,700 examples in 2019 or around 10,000 in 2019."

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well , you could be right and its just disappointing
maybe some other factors ,
Marketing , price and high expectations

Guys in suits dont drive utes
things like soft opening tailgate with cenral locking and closes like the other 4 doors
i think alot of people were expecting mercedes to re-invent the ute and expected an s class in ute form
i think that the media gave it a kicking
and i think it needed more time and realistic price
And someone needed to make a decent bull bar for it. The merc ones were fugly as sin, and no one wants to make one. TJL Made a great concept, never brought to market.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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