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Touch up paint pens suppliers

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Hello anyone....anyone

Has anyone sourced a paint pen. The M-B dealer told me that paint pens had to come from Nissan due to the Navara partnership. That sounds like BS to me as the Navara doesn't have the same number of paint colours and I suspect what they do have isn't matching anyway. Their white looks like a solid colour.

I am chasing a Bering White (9389) and Google only came up with a UK supplier who doesn't ship to Oz.

It seems the Oz suppliers only do sprray cans or full kits with primer and clear coat etc. I just need to touch up a tiny chip on a door before protecting them with a clear film.

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all sorted

Stuttgart Autos (licensed repairer) mixed up some paint and separate bottle of clear coat for less than half the cost I was quoted at another licensed repairer.
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