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I'm now at the point where I have to start thinking about winter conditions here in the north. If it is going to be anything like we had last year, I am going to get stuck with my current tyres (Dueller Summer tyres).
I have been trying a few places here but they cannot help me get tyres. (I have the 19" wheels on and apparently that creates a problem:confused:)

So, has anybody here in the UK bought winter / all season tyres and where would be the best place to go to?
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I decided on the Michelen Cross-Climate tyres and wow...They are holding up really well in the wet and cold. We have not had real cold weather yet (worst was last Monday -5 degrees from Glasgow to Inverness) but I was doing a steady 60mph and did not feel at any point that I need to slow down for bends. So far, so good.:grin2:
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