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I really fancy a 350d but having had two Navaras I don't want another one, or even part of one. However, I'm becoming convinced that the Nissan stigma has mainly been modified out. My other worry is that there is a rumour that Ford may introduce their new V6 into the Ranger which could be something a bit special. I think I'm going to have to wait a few months and see what, if anything! happens.
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Welcome to the forum. I can understand your hesitation having already owned a Navara. I don't think we will see a V6 in the Ranger for at least a year or two after launch. It is looking like a great new midsize though.
Nissan is working on a new Frontier and that might be worth waiting with all the challenges they face with a more competitive market this time around.
Ranger is too expensive for what it is imo, and I'd just spend a couple grand more for the F150. Did you have issues with your Navara's and that's why your hesitating on the 350d?
My '07 Navara was scrapped by Nissan due to the chassis rot issue, although they did me a good settlement that was more than the probable selling price. Current '13 reg' with 70000 on the clock has just cost £1200 for an upgrade duplex timing chain set. Other than that I'm fine with them!
I've also been considering the Amarok Aventura as the fastest UK truck but for some strange reason they have restricted towing to 3.1 tons.
That might be why i don't see many Nissan pickups at all. Anytime I see a Titan i'm quite surprised someone actually bought one because since release they've been quite rare.
For that reason we might see a stronger Nissan Frontier.
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