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I need this concept models rim width and offset.i know it has a tire size 285 40 22 106y.but i need to know wht is the width and offset


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You might want to try consulting a professional wheel and tire shop because odds are they'll know precisely what will fit like that on a production X-Class.
I need only the width and offset of these rims.
According to the offset on the production model rims is 45mm and width is 7 inches. No idea what the dimensions would be on the concept.
Mate factory boys do what ever they want for the car to look good, its probably custom milled until the car looks as good as it did
Offset on those concept wheels are aggressive enough to probably be 0. I would start by comparing it visually to wheels sold by brands like ADV.1 and Vossen.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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