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Will the winch be optional?

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We see the off-road variant of the X-Class with a winch on it but I'm wondering if that's actually gong to be optional or not. And if they do... I wonder who would make the winch and what kind of capacity it would come with.

Would you want a rear winch on there or would you rather a front mounted winch or both?

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To be honest I liked the Sport one better but if I did get this one... I would only get the front winch and depending on how much it was rated for would determine if I would use the "optional" one or just buy my own
Essentially the factory winch should follow this formula somewhat closely as I've heard it's how they figure it out. GVWRx1.5 and you'll get the minimum capacity.
They should make it optional since 1) not many people will need it even if they buy an off-road package and 2) its an easy way to get more money from us
Do you think you would opt for one?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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