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Wind noise wing mirror

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Hi all
Picked my new 350 & noticed the drivers side wing mirror starts to whistle around 50-65MPH
Any ideas?
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May just be due to its shape and positioning. Some times placing some aero stabilizing fins can drastically reduce wind noise and whistling.
Many thanks, driving me mad, dealer is investigating
I would start by checking the mirrors assembly for damage, cracks or just about anything that can impact its aerodynamic abilities will create those noises.
Any update on this? Did the dealer find something off with your wing mirror or provide a solution? Noises like that drive me crazy too.
Although a bit off topic, how are you finding road noise from the tires?

Some folks I know coming from other Mercedes products and even some BMW's and Audi's say the X-Class doesn't sound as refined as they expected.
Did this get sorted as mine also whistles?
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Did this get sorted as mine also whistles?
Last I heard dealers were considering it a non-issue. Hopefully it doesn't mean our only option is to deal with Mercedes corporate.
Experience can differ from dealer to dealer. What did your dealer say/do??
Yes all sorted, dealer replaced the whole mirror
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