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X-Class Concept Tow Capacity

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Based on what I've been reading, the X-Class concept has shown to be able to tow 7,700lbs and lift 2,400lbs out of the rumored v6 diesel engine.

Do you guys plan on really towing or lifting anything crazy in one of these ?
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For now i'll just be towing small boats, a couple sea-doo's on a trailer, or an ATV/UTV. I fall well within the threshold.

If that towing capacity you report is true, then it makes this very doable as a work truck, my only concern at that point is how many people will select it over the options we've had as work trucks the past 4+ decades.
That's the thing I would question as well. It does come with a very capable number but how many will actually choose this over, for example, an F150 or Ram 1500 that'll most likely be a fraction of the price.
So, looking into this more; being built by Nissan (or at least that's what current information says) odds are it will share a number of things with the Nissan Frontier thus sitting in the mid-sized truck segment. Looking into specs of THAT, it can tow up to 6500 LBS.

If you require more than that... move on.
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