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X Class extended cab coming to U.S?

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Up until now the X Class has only been offered with one body style- a double cab with a regular bed. However some new spy shots suggest that may change with a new camouflaged model that was spotted in Europe. You can see the notable increase in length with the off colored paneling.
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Mercedes has shown very little interest in introducing the X Class to NA, but there probably isn't a whole lot of demand for an ext cab in Europe. Since they don't have the Navara, it could be an easier sell.
Playing on capability is always a win, Mercedes does well in commercial segments can hack this game.
Since the pricing of top spec domestic trucks has risen so much over the past few years, Mercedes might actually find it easier to slot this favourably to those top sellers. That being said the amount of equipment and features than can now be optioned, essentially make them luxury models. No sense in them bringing anything but the V6 for NA.
Too bad Mercedes doesn't have a tuning brand like Alpina which BMW owns.
If they did then maybe we'd see a higher spec X-Class by now.
They'll have to wait on bringing the X Class stateside until its more notably different than the Navara imo. Don't know how many people would really take interest in buying a rebadged Nissan. Sure its been given some improvements and changes, but it needs its own platform.
Just when I got frustrated with how much Ford let us down with the new Ford Ranger, pictures of its successor went live.
Not only is it just a pickup that sits as a mainstream offering but it has some luxurious appeal.
If you guys aren't 100% committed to owning something with a Benz badge then I suggest giving it a look.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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