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X-Class goes Off-Roading

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Now I know this isn't real off-roading but it definitely is probably the extent any of us would be taking the X-Class to anyhow. Does look the part though with the mud on the sides of it and the trailer hooked up to the rear.

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This is definitely the most off-roading the typical X-Class is going to see but hey... it looks good out there doing it. Definitely not off-road tires or anything but if it's a 4WD setup, you'll be great on all that dirt no problem. Looking at this though, I would want a set of mudflaps for it.
Any idea what someone can expect when it comes to towing capacity? That trailer is no less than 3000LBS and trucks in this segment don't pass 7000LBS. If the X-Class can do more i'll be impressed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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