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X-Class recalled in Australia

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Mercedes Benz issued a recall for the X-Class last week, as a result of faulty tire pressure monitoring software. As a result of a glitch, the TPMS would not show a warning on the dash, if tire pressure levels fell below the minimum levels. This would not only lead to uneven tire wear, but it would also drastically affect the steering and braking capability of the vehicle. Fortunately the software error has only affected around 60 units so far.
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At least they caught the issue early, and I'm assuming that this is resolved via a software patch? Any responsible owner would also do visual checks on their tires regularly, and it would be difficult to miss the sudden change in handling.
Owners better make sure to do a good inspection before taking their X-Class in and once the job is done, it'll be easy for dealers to say uneven tire wear was caused by owner negligence and not this issue.
I'm not sure whether the repair is just a software update or if new TPMS need to be placed in each wheel. Luckily it'll be on Mercedes tab, because those systems are typically very expensive. Not sure how many models they've sold, but 60 affected units isn't all that many.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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